Students can be admitted to our University as guest students by the administrative boards of the relevant units within the conditions specified in Article 22 of the “Regulation on the Principles of Transferring Between Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major, Minor and Credit Transfer Between Institutions in Higher Education Institutions” and “Dokuz Eylül University Guest Student Directive”.


1) The credits of the courses or practices taken by a student enrolled in a higher education institution in Türkiye or abroad from another higher education institution at the same level within the scope of national and international student exchange programs or as a guest student can be accepted in lieu of the obligations in the diploma program he/she is enrolled in, by the decision of the relevant board of directors.


2) The time spent by the student as a guest student and in the exchange program is included in the education period.


3) Guest students and students in the exchange programs pay the tuition fee to the higher education institution where they are enrolled.


4) Students who will attend summer schools as guest students pay the summer school fee to the higher education institution where they take the course.


5) Students studying in programs whose medium of instruction is Turkish must certify that their foreign language level is sufficient in order to take courses from programs whose medium of instruction is a foreign language.


6) The opportunity to be a guest student can be used for a maximum of two semesters during a program. This period may be extended upon the request of the student, with the decision of of the Council of Higher Education only under the following conditions:

  1. The student has been diagnosed with a serious illness that cannot be treated in the province of residence due to his/her education after his/her placement in the higher education institution or the progression of the existing illness has been documented with a medical board report from a state hospital or a state university hospital.
  2. A proposal from the university board of directors stating that it is not possible for the student to continue his/her education at the higher education institution where he/she is enrolled due to acts such as assault and violence he/she has been exposed to.


7) Turkish citizen students studying at higher education institutions abroad can benefit from the guest student opportunity for a maximum of two semesters.


      Click here for detailed information and to access “Dokuz Eylül University Guest Student Directive” (In Turkish)