Smart Card

Students who lost their smart cards should call the following numbers or personally reports that his/her card is stolen-lost. Then smart card will be blocked.

Phone Number of Smart Card Center : 301 20 21/22

Phone Number of Inciraltı Office : 412 2178

– The student who has lost his/her card completes the documents of lost or stolen item demanded by the Registrar’s Office.

– He/she pays 20 Turkish Lira in the account of DEU Strategy Development (IBAN No: TR92 0001 0026 1637 7117 2954 20) at Ziraat Bank. The student submits the completed documents and the bank receipt to the related Student Affairs.

– Faculty/Institution/School/Vocational School of Student Affairs Office notifies the Smart Card Centre via e-mail that they have received the documents and the bank receipt. Then the Student Affairs Office sends the student to the Smart Card Centre/ İnciraltı Smart Card Office with a copy of the bank receipt.

– The Smart Card Centre issues a new card on the basis of the bank receipt submitted by the student and the e-mail sent by the Student Affairs Office. The new card is given to the student by signature at the Smart Card Centre and Inciraltı Smart Card Office.

Dokuz Eylül Unıversity

Smart CardCentre
Tel : 0 232 301 70 21