The placement process of the candidates who want to study at associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in our University within the scope of the international student admission quotas is followed according to the result of “Dokuz Eylul University International Student Admission Exam (DEYOS)” and the results of exam score/diploma grade which is accepted by the University Senate.

       Only candidates who fulfill the application conditions stated in the “Admission Directive for Students from Abroad” can apply for international student admission. International student admission applications are made online via enrollment will be made for the candidate who is found to have failed to meet the application conditions at the enrollment dates.)

      The validity period of the DEYOS result is 2 years from the date of the exam. The validity period of exams/diplomas which is accepted by the University Senate announced on

       If there are two (or more) students with the same score, then the youngest one will have the privilege.

       Additional placement can be made for empty programs except for the programs which accept students via “Talent Exam”. If there will be an additional placement, it will be announced from

       Click here to get information about “Dokuz Eylül University International Student Admission Exam (DEYOS)” application conditions, examination content, preference procedures, enrollment statements, etc. subjects and to reach “Admission Directive for Students from Abroad”.