Residence Permit Application


All international students in Türkiye are required to obtain a student residence permit during their period of study. Student Residence Permit” is a document that you must obtain, provided that you have entered our country legally and do not have another legal right (international protection applicant/status holder, temporary protection holder/work permit holder, etc.) to stay in our country.


“How to Apply for a Student Residence Permit?” booklets can be found in 5 different languages prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Immigration Management Directorate, below.


The “Student Residence Permit Application Process” booklets can be found in 5 different languages prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Immigration Management Directorate, below.


Students who will apply for a Student Residence Permit are required to fill out the “Residence Permit Registration/Application Form”, print it out, sign the signature section on the first page, and then submit it to the Student Affairs Office, along with all of the documents specified below, within 5 days from the application date at the latest.




1. Residence permit registration/application form

(This form is created by the system when the residence permit application is completed through the e-residence system (in Turkish: e-ikamet). Make sure that the information you enter in the application form is correct. The application form must be printed and submitted with a wet signature by the student.)

(For students under the age of 18, the consent form must be submitted signed by the person who has his/her name and surname.)


2. 4 biometric photographs

(It should be taken within the last 6 months and the background should be white.)





3. Copy of passport or passport substitute document

(It is necessary to have a passport or passport substitute document valid for 60 (sixty) days or longer than the requested residence permit period.)

(Copies of the page which is containing the person’s identity information, the page which shows date of entry to the country, and the visa page, if any, will be taken.)


4. Student Certificate

(It must be recently issued (within current semester) and must include the registration date, student number, faculty or school name, program name, grade, minimum and maximum education periods.)


5. Valid health insurance

(It may be general health insurance or private health insurance regulated by SGK.)

(The document issued by SGK must contain the phrase “exempt” (in Turkish: Müstehaktır). Otherwise, the document will be deemed invalid.)

(For Turkish Scholarship students, SGK Provision Certificate is sufficient.)

(Health insurance should be covering the training period.)


6. Document showing address information

(The student applying for an extension will be required to provide a “residence certificate” or the last month’s invoice (one of natural gas/electricity/water). The invoice must be issued in the student’s name.)

(In order for the student to obtain a “residence certificate” via e-government (in Turkish: e-devlet), the address registration process must have been completed previously at the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Immigration Management and the aforementioned address must be unchanged.)


If the student is;


(If the title deed belongs to the mother or father, the original birth certificate and its certified Turkish translation will be requested from the student and a copy will be taken and the original will be seen.)

(The person who appears as the owner of the house in the title deed can also give a notarized letter of undertaking. However, if the names of both mother and father are mentioned in the title deed, both of them must be included in the letter of undertaking.)

(For the student who is applying for an extension, the “residence certificate” and the last month’s invoice (one of natural gas/electricity/water) are sufficient. However, in this case the student must have previously registered the address at the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration for the address where he/she stays. If there is an address conflict, a copy of the title deed will be requested from this student.)

(Address registration procedures for foreigners are carried out at the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration.)


(Certified copy of the landlord’s identity card and copy of the title deed)

(The “Deed Real Estate Record” obtained from the Land Registry Offices is also accepted.)

(If there is more than one person on the title deed, all of their names must be included in the rental agreement, or a power of procuration must be given to the person named in the rental agreement. If there are two people on the title deed and one of them is dead, the death certificate must be attached.)

(If a company name is mentioned in the title deed but a real person’s name is mentioned in the rental agreement, a certified document containing the name of the aforementioned person and signature circulars of the company officials must be attached.)


(Official document issued on letterhead paper with the wet signature of the dormitory manager/dormitory official.)

(For the student applying for an extension, the Turkish ID number of the dormitory manager/dormitory official should be written on the document. If the person has handwritten his/her Turkish ID number, he/she must stamp and sign above the ID number.)


(A letter of undertaking, certificate of residence, criminal record, and civil registry copy will be requested from the sponsor.)

(If the sponsor is married, his/her spouse should also provide a notarized commitment.)

(A person cannot give a letter of undertaking to more than two foreigners.)

(If the sponsor is a foreigner, he must have a residence permit and submit a copy of the residence permit along with the “certificate of residence.”)


7. Birth certificate and letter of consent for Minors (under age of 18)

(It is mandatory for those who come with a visa exemption or a visa for a different purpose. It will not be required for students who come with a student visa.)

(The birth certificate and the letter of consent must be marked with Apostille or must be approved by the Embassy or consulate or district governorship in Türkiye. In case of being a citizen of a country that is not subject to Apostille, approval of both countries is required.)

(Both mother and father must be included in the letter of consent.)

(The letter of consent must be given to someone living in İzmir. The consent document must also include the person to whom the authority is given and the residence permit procedures.)

(If the person to whom consent is given is a foreigner, a copy of a residence permit, a copy of passport, criminal record, and certificate of residence will also be requested.)

(Copies of the birth certificate and consent will be taken and the original will be provided for approval.)

(If the consent document contains the permission of one of the parents; in case of death of one of them, the death certificate is required, and in case of divorce, the custody certificate of the child is required. In case of divorce, if the court gives custody to the mother, the Apostilled court decision is also mandatory with father’s permission included, and if the father has custody, only the Apostilled court decision must be added. [If the document is obtained from the Turkish authorities, it must be e-signed/signed and stamped/sealed. If it is obtained from abroad, a notary approved Turkish translation and Apostille annotation are required. In case of being a citizen of a country that is not a party to the Apostille agreement, the document in question must be submitted to and approved by the relevant country authorities (consulate approval and Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other Turkish Authorities authorized in this regard)])


8. Receipt showing that the residence permit document fee has been paid

(The amount of the document fee is included in the Residence Permit Application Form. Make payment for this fee at the Finance Ministry Cashiers or authorized banks and attach the receipt to the application form.)


9. National electronic notification system address

(For extension applications and for applicants who have previously obtained a residence permit and are applying for the first time for various reasons)

(It is received from PTT branches.)




Foreign students who come to our country within the scope of the International Exchange Program ERASMUS and want to obtain a residence permit can complete the process of obtaining a potential tax identification number and paying the Residence Permit Fee, which they need while obtaining the documents requested during the application, they can carry out those transactions electronically via at the Revenue Administration Digital Tax Office ( application.

In this context, foreign students who apply to our University’s “Student Affairs/International Student Office” unit can complete the following transactions in the Digital Tax Office (;

using those links, they will be able to electronically carry out their transactions quickly and securely without going to the tax office.




Students of exchange programs (Erasmus, Farabi, etc.) will apply for their Residence Permit Certificate in person to the Izmir Provincial Directorate of Immigration Management.


The first application for a Residence Permit Certificate must be made within the legal period (visa/visa exemption) for the person to be in the country starting from the date of entry into the country.


The Residence Permit Certificate extension application must be made at within 60 days until the valid residence permit expires, and must be definitely made before the residence permit expires. (For example; if the residence permit expires on 30.06.2024, an extension application must be made as of 30.04.2024 and before 01.07.2024.)


The student applying for a Residence Permit Certificate (Initial Application/Extension Application/Transition Application), after preparing all the documents above, must create a form on the e-residence (in Turkish: e-ikamet) website and place the documents in a transparent bag with their photocopies (also the originals of the documents must be with them). The file must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office. Responsible personnel will check the application documents and if the file is precise and complete, they will deliver it to Izmir Provincial Directorate of Immigration Management. (Since a maximum of 15 days is given for submitting residence permit application documents to the İzmir Provincial Directorate of Immigration Management, our students must submit their application documents in full to the Student Affairs Department within first 5 days from the application date.)


In cases of suspension of registration, dismissal from the university, or failure to renew registration, the student’s residence permit will be cancelled.


Notification of Student Residence Permit Document to our University


Foreign students registered at our university have to report the Student Affairs Office of their foreign identity number (starting with 9…) after receiving their residence permit document. In addition, the photocopy of the residence permit must be submitted to the Student Affairs Office.






Address 855 Sok. No:40/A Kemeraltı, Konak/İZMİR
Phone 0 (232) 402 44 62


You can access the “Frequently Asked Questions” page about the residence permit prepared by the Directorate General of Migration Management at


You can also call the “FOREIGN COMMUNICATION CENTER (YİMER)” (phone number: 157) for all your questions and problems.