International Student Admission



       The placement of international students who want to study in our university’s associate degree and undergraduate degree programs will be done according to their “Dokuz Eylül University International Student Admission Exam (DEYOS)” scores or the results of international exams/diplomas which accepted by University Senate starting with the highest score and accepting as many students as the quota.

“Student Acceptance Exam from Abroad/for Foreign Nationalities” results organized by other universities are not accepted.

Only candidates who fulfill the application conditions stated in Article 5 of the “Admission Directive for Students from Abroad” can apply for international student acceptance. International student acceptance applications are made online via registration will be made for the candidate who is found to have failed to meet the application conditions at the registration dates.)

DEYÖS result is valid only for the year which it is made. The validity period of international exam/diploma which accepted by University Senate announced on

For teaching programs that accept students with “Talent Exam” result no DEYÖS quotas will be determined.

In order for the candidates to be able to make preference, candidate must have at least 85 points for the Medical Program, at least 80 for the Law Program, at least 75 for the Architecture and Engineering Programs, at least 70 points for the Teaching Programs (including the Guidance and Psychological Counseling Program) and at least 50 points for other programs over 100 points from DEYOS or equivalent converted points into DEYOS.

If there are two (or more) students with the same score, then the youngest one will have the privilege.

There will not be a further announcement for unused quota. If there is no application for the quotas in any of the sections or if the quotas are not filled, the non-filled and non-applied quotas are not transferred to the quotas of the other department.

Additional placement can be made for empty programs except for the programs which accept students via “Talent Exam”. If there will be an additional placement, it will announce from

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