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Minor Program Directive

Article 1- The objective of Minor Program is to provide getting eduction in another branch which the students who conduct their Major Undergraduate Program studies with outstanding success are intrested in.
Initiation of the Minor Program
Article 2- Minor Program is confirmed by the approval of University Senate with the suggestion of related Department and Faculty/Collage Council and conducted with the cooperation of the related departments. Minor Program is composed of at least 18 credits in credit systems and equivalent number of courses in uncredited systems.
             Application and Acceptance Conditions to Minor Program
             Article 3-
a)The quota of the Minor Program is determined by the Faculty/Collage Council who decides to initiates the related program.
b)Students can enroll to the announced Minor Program in 3rd semester at th earliest and 6th semester at the latest of their Major Undergraduate Program.
c)Minor Program Applications are made on the date determined by Faculty Diaconate/Collage Directorate with transcription and application form to the related Faculty Diaconate/Collage Directorate.
d)In order to apply for the Minor Program the grade point avagare of the student must be at least 2.50 (CB) or 75 over 100 when applying, students must have passed all the creditted courses taken until the applied semester and the application must be deemed appropriate by the related department. The acceptance proccess is completed by the Board of Management of Faculty/Collage to which the applied department is affiliated.
Minor Program
Article 4-
a)Student’s success in Major Undergraduate Program or graduation is not affected in any way resulting from the Minor Program. A different transcript or ration card is prepared for Minor Program. The courses offered in both programs are shown in both transcripts. Witdrawal from a class offered in both programs is conducted for both programs.
b)A Minor Program Coordinator is assigned by the Head of the related department for the determination of the courses in the Minor Program and in order to help the students plan the semesters to take these courses and to provide the appropriate conduct of the program. Minor Program Coordinator works being in communication with the student’s consultants from Major Undergraduate Program.
c)Courses which are offered in both programs are determined by the relevant departments and the courses already taken are confirmed at the time of the acceptance and the courses are to be taken afterwards are confirmed in relevant semester by Board of Management of Faculty/Collage. The courses offered in both programs take place in both programs’ semester registrations and are shown at both of the transcripts.
d)Students can enroll to only one Minor Program during their Major Undergraduate Program.
Success and Minor Program Certificate
Article 5-
a)Student can quit the Minor Program at will. Once they quit the program the can not enroll to the same program again.
b)Student who is excused of the Major Undergraduate Program would be automatically excused of the Minor Program too. In case a course is not available for a semester or coincides with another course the department which offers the Minor Program can permit the student to be excused of that semester with the approval of Diaconate/Directorate that the Minor Program affiliated to.
c)If a student does not enroll to courses two semesters in a row without any excuses, the registration of the student to that program is cancelled.
d)The registration of the Minor Program is cancelled in case the grade point avagare of the Major Undergraduate Program is less than 2.00.
e)If students quit the program they are not obliged to take the courses which they have failed again.
f)Minor Program Certificate is given to the students who complete the Major Undergraduate Program with success and the Minor Program with at least 2.00 grade point avarage.
g)The education period of the students who complete the Major Udergraduate Program but not the Minor Program is prolonged only for a semester with the decison of Board of Management of Faculty/Collage. The diploma of the Major Undergraduate Program is given to the studets when they graduate. During the prolonged periods the students continue to pay the tution fee in regard to the total semester number they had in their undergraduate program. In case they enroll in a Postgraduate Program they pay that program’s tution fee too. Faculty/Collage offering the Double Major Program is authorized to take decisions about the students.
h)The student who complete the Minor Program cannot be privileged with the rights and benefits given with the Bachelor’s and Associate Degree Diploma in related branch.
i)Students who quit the Double Major Program can recieve a Minor Program Certificate if they fulfill the conditions of the related Minor Program.
Provisional Article 1: This directive can not be practised for the students enrolled to Minor Program before the academic year 2010-2011. The current directive in the relevant year is practised for the students who enroll in Minor Program.
Article 6- This directive enters in force after the acceptance by University Senate.
Article 7- This directive is practised by the Rector of Dokuz Eylul University.
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